a trip to the big top

my kids went to their first circus this weekend. zing zang zoom! they both loved it.

my 4 year old was yelling out “zing zang zoom” at all the right moments, wiggling her magic fingers for all the magic acts, and completely in awe of the acrobatic acts and animals. her favorite part was when the elephants came out. 11 huge elephants… sitting, standing, posing, holding each other’s tails, and being very cute.

my 1 year old just loved the music and lights, clapping and laughing. his favorite part was when he got his hands on his sister’s light up, spinning circus toy and wouldn’t give it back.

my favorite part was during the human cannon ball act. the performers sang a song “don’t do this at home” every time there was a dangerous act, and they sang it again before shooting 2 women out of side-by-side cannons. chloe turns to us and says, “we can’t do that anyway, we don’t have those [cannons] at home.” she cracks me up!

afterwards, we had dinner at a vietnamese restaurant. i had pho, hoping it wouldn’t me me sick, and it didn’t! yay, another place i can eat at serving yummy gluten-free food.


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