link between celiac disease and meniere’s disease

i had another gluten attack this morning. my 3rd since being told not to eat gluten. this thing is tough to get a hold of. my husband made me an omelet for breakfast… all gluten free ingredients – egg, bell pepper, onion, cheese, and canadian bacon. after a few bits, i realize something doesn’t feel right. i start to feel nauseous and my head gets a little foggy. i stop. “are we sure the canadian bacon and cheese are GF?” the ingredients seem fine. but the bacon doesn’t say anything about where or how it is made. as i lay down and try to keep the nausea in check, i conk out and don’t get up for hours. i’m still feeling sick, but better.

during my nap, my husband did some more research and realized we used our gluten filled cutting board to chop everything. “seriously?” that was what probably caused the attack. a contaminated cutting board. now we need to to out and get me my own cutting board and toaster.

he also found that celiac and meniere’s may be linked. both are autoimmune diseases. apparantly, some ppl with meniere’s felt their symptoms lessened with a gluten free diet. although never officially diagnosed with meniere’s disease, i always felt that i had the symptoms for it. i’ve had meniere-like attacks since my big attack in 2001 (for which i went to physical therapy rehab for at rusk after no one could figure out what was wrong… for more on this, please read my first post), but still never went to the dr bc i thought i’d be told they couldn’t hep me again. but if i can have that under control with a GF diet too, then all the more reason to be strict with my food intake. very strict.

what did we do w/o the internet?


4 thoughts on “link between celiac disease and meniere’s disease

  1. lifeischange says:

    I wasn’t aware of the link between Meniere’s and Gluten Intolerance, but I’m learning how many issues are connected. My mother had Meniere’s and I am Gluten Intolerant. (I have PCOS as well.)

    I wrote an entry on my blog ( where I talked about going through my kitchen and replacing all the things that could contain traces of gluten. I am also affected by the smallest trace amounts of gluten, so I sincerely sympathize with you.

    How wonderful that you have a husband who is willing to research and learn along with you!

    Please let me know if there is any info I can help you find.

  2. Heidi says:

    Check the cheese – if it’s grated cheese the manufacturers tend to add flour to it to stop it sticking & they refrain from mentioning this on the packaging.

  3. carla says:

    Very interesting story..i was diagnosed with Meniere’s disorder in 2007, which had caused numerous”attacks”where I lost all my balance and had to lie down. I am someone who do not lie down ever until it is bedtime!Now in Jan, 2010, I am being tested for celiac disease. For about 2 years I have been very stomach sick and tried to figure what food caused it to no avail.. then my regular check up this past dec. showed nutritional deficiencies in my blood. Other than that I would have never thought about Celiac Disease. Being adopted as well, I never knew of my history but then I did email my birth sister to inquire about any information she may have. She told me that 2 of her relatives have celiac disease!

    I also feel like I am lactose intolerant. Even going GF I am still getting stomach sick and it is so annoying,I am too sick to go out with other people..
    so it is time to cut out the dairy for now as well…

    I am beginning to eat dairy free(or use lactese pills) and to go gluten free to see how I feel. If my blood test comes back positive I will be given a biopsy to confirm and will need to be eating gluten again..but like you said “what would we do without the internet?”

  4. maggie says:

    Hello, I have only stumbled onto this page when I was wondering if coeliac disease caused menniere’s.
    My goirlfriend has a grand daughter who is 3 years old, she has been sick, losing weight and not eating. Barbi phoned me tp say she read an article about coeliac dis atrributing to mennieres!
    Good God!! it’s always something!!! LOL
    I have Hashimotos, hypothyroidism, causes type 2 diabetes, weight gaid, anxiety etc.
    I went on holidays, 3 years ago, had the most dreadful mennier’s attach. admitted to hospital for 2 days, spinning, falling down and vomiting. I have had 2 further episodes like this, but I take stamazene and maxalon and that fixes it a lot.
    I wonder why doctors do not tell us about coeliac disease maybe causing Menniere’s symptoms. because usually when I have them in hindsight, it is about 3 days after a birthday party, eating at friends places, eating a lot of gluten…
    My aunty had a stupid doctor for 35 years, he said she had chronic fatigue, gave her a high gluten diet…one week this doctor when oversease and a younger doctor took one look at my aunt, who was 72 yrs old then, tested her for coeliac disease and treated her, but it was too late, she died about 4 months later… very sad.

    I had a coeliac blood test because of my aunt, but it came back neg. maybe i should be retested, because that was about 7 years ago.
    Good luck to you all, thanks for having this site. i will let you know how the 3yr old went with her biopsie and how i go on a gluten free diet. man, what a pain in the a, but i hope we all get over this.
    bye for now, Maggie

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