today… miserable

i love that there’s so much info out here on the web, but sometimes, it’s very frustrating to find exactly what you need. too much info can be difficult to sort thru. i just want a simple, gluten-free life. i’m now researching gluten-free non-food products. i soaked myself in a bubble bath last night (for a long time), and today, i feel very, very sick. i have not changed my bath and beauty products yet, and i think it’s time. but trying to find things that i like and are reasonably priced is proving to be a challenge. some ppl say a product is good.. then i read about the same product being bad. so i’ve decided to stick to 2 companies. burt’s bees for my bath & basic beauty products and afterglow for my makeup (which i don’t wear much of but still need a few things). please see these 2 company links on right side of blog. i can’t sit here and research every product, so i have to go with companies i can trust, right?

what i’ve changed so far:

1. food – about 80% gluten-free (my kitchen must contain some gluten for the kids until they get tested)

2. kitchenware – new cutting board & toaster, threw out colanders & all rubber/plastic storage containers & utensils (tonight we’re going out to get some pots, pans, and utensils – it seems that cast iron cookware is popular among celiacs)

3. bath & beauty – just starting & will be throwing out everything today (will pick up a few things while out shopping for kitchenware)

gosh, this celiac thing is no joke! seeing a nutritionist tomorrow, and i need suggestions for gluten-free vitamins & probiotics. i looked it up online, but too much stuff came up and got a headache trying to sort it out.


One thought on “today… miserable

  1. mercedesohara says:

    I completely understand! At first it’s easiest to find things that work and stick with them. As you get used to CD, you’ll start to find time to research other safe products.
    Cheap brands you can find at the store are good because you can read the ingredients off the labels.
    I started out using Suave and softsoap brands and cheap makeup brands like Maybelline and Cover Girl because they list the ingredients on the packages. Don’t buy anything that doesn’t list ingredients!
    There can be Hydrolyzed vegetable protien (can mean wheat) in them and wheat protien or wheat germ oil, oat and barley extracts, even in small amounts can make u sick.
    Be careful what you let the salon use on you too, almost all of the salon brands have bad stuff. I actually like the Purple Sunsilk brand (thermasilk) and take it to my hair salon with me, it has silk protien in it, so is good for hair and gluten free.
    Check out my blog sometime – maybe we can help each other:

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