happy mother’s day!

i know it’s not mother’s day anymore, but i wanted to write about what nature gave me for mother’s day. i woke up sunday morning with my period. full blown nastiness. what most women experience on a monthly basis. i was trying to remember the last time i had my period. with pcos, it’s always a surprise for me. i think it was in january. almost 4 months ago. anyway, my ‘usual’ abnormal periods came after about a month+ of bloating and out-of-control hormones. this time, though, i felt bloated for about a week, and then my gift came just in time for mother’s day. it felt very “normal” … i haven’t had a period like this in a very, very long time. now i’m wondering if it’s bc of my gluten free diet. i’ve been gluten free for about 8 weeks now, and i haven’t felt better. all my bloating has gone down, i have energy, i feel motivated to do more during the day, my headaches are gone, and i’m happier. and now, a regular period? well, i think it’s regular. so now the big questions… will being gluten-free regulate my periods? will i ovulate again? will i be able to conceive normally? hmmm. possible link between celiac disease and pcos… to be continued.