link between celiac disease and pcos II

i previously wrote about a possible link between celiac disease and pcos, and for me, that possibility is stronger than ever. my menstrual cycles were about 65 to 90 days apart, pre-celiac disease dagnosis. i always thought it was pcos that caused me to have the extra weight, the constant bloating, and the hormonal outbursts. esp this past year, aside from the illnesses, i didn’t have periods that were less than 3 months apart. dx and gluten free diet began mid march. my first “real” period on may 10 (see previous blog). and i was waiting to see if i had to wait 3 months or if i could possibly become regular again.

drum roll please… 5 weeks… that’s only 35 days… i have another period. can you believe it? and i have a feeling i ovulated too. i woke up a couple of weeks ago with extreme pain in my right lower abdomen. i thought my appendix had burst, and i couldn’t move, almost woke up the hubbie to take me to ER. i forced myself to lay on my right side, which made it worse. then i moved onto my left, and the pain slowly subsided. a couple of days ago, i happened to come across another woman’s comment, on a site that i don’t remember the name of, who said after going gluten free for some time (also has pcos), she had sudden pain and thought her appendix had burst. she went to the ER, and it wasn’t her appendix. one of the cysts in her ovary burst, and she had ovulated. lightbulb!!

for those of you who have pcos AND celiac disease of gluten intolerance, we have hope. eating gluten free is extremely important. it’s difficult and frustrating, but when i think of how good i feel, how i don’t have emotional outbursts anymore, i have zero bloating and am losing weight steadily, and no more physical pain, i don’t want to eat foods with gluten. there have definitely been days when i gave in, and i knowingly and willingly had a gluten meal. since dx, i think i had 3 such meals. there were also times when i unknowingly had gluten. but these little bumps are ok, and we need to get back on track afterwards. please share your stories. i really enjoy reading about how lives are being changed for the better once we get the ‘evil’ gluten out of our bodies.

for those of you who have pcos but do not know if you have celiac disease or not, please find out. and even if you don’t have it, try cutting out wheat and other gluten foods. eat lots of fruits, veggies, and protein (w/o gluten sauces).

good luck out there! i will try to post more often, but with 2 little ones, the days just fly by. i do a lot of research online about celiac disease and pcos, but don’t always get to put my thoughts together to write them down. if you ever need more info or have questions, please let me know. it will definitely help me to write more.


5 thoughts on “link between celiac disease and pcos II

  1. Sarah says:


    I just read this bit on your site about PCOS and Celiac and I had to smile. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 18 and I went YEARS without a period because I did not want to take hormones. I did manage to lose about 60 pounds on my own and then I had periods about once every 3 months (sound familiar to you…) and about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac (which is a long story including a Dr. telling me I was going to die in 5 years… sheesh) and so I have been on a gluten free diet for 2 years except the one or 2 stumbles that I have had and luckily I have a husband who loves to cook so life is easier for me than some with Celiac BUT just like you… now my periods are 35 days TO THE DAY apart and about on day 17/18… boy I sure get this pain in my lower abdomen that seems to switch sides each month… I thought my intestines bust (it started on my left side for me)

    Anyway… Sorry for the long story but it just cracked me up when I read yours because at moments I thought I had written it and just fogotten somehow!

    So there is hope for those of us told we would never conceive and luckily I found this at 28 instead of 38…

    Have a Fantastic Day!!!

  2. Steven Y. Park, MD says:

    Interesting connection. Just out of curiosity, do you prefer to sleep only on your side or stomach, have cold hands or feet, and do either of your parents snore heavily? I’ll explain after you give me your answers.

  3. mamachun says:

    i prefer to sleep on my side. don’t know if my birth parents snore bc i did not grow up with them (long story). and i usually do have cold feet and hands, but it’s better nowadays than it used to be pre-dx of celiac disease.

    update on my link between celiac disease and pcos… the original entry was written in june ’09. and now in december ’09, i’m still having regular periods. up until my past 2 cycles, i was averaging 36 day cycles since may 2009. i was actually able to predict pretty accurately when to expect my period. but the past 2 cycles, i’ve been having lots of “cheat days” where i knowingly ingested gluten. i’ve been going to lots of holiday gatherings and showers and get-togethers where its been very hard to not cheat. i’ve noticed that my cycles were longer… 40 days and then 43 days. but i still feel like i ovulated. Oh, and the most important thing… i went to my obgyn for a checkup in oct/nov (can’t remember). and she did an ultrasound of my ovaries, and they did not look as bad as they used to. 1 ovary looked slightly like pcos and the other looked normal. =)

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